Tips for trips


Distance to the hotel: 400 m

This medieval Gothic castle is located approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Prague, in the protected landscape area of ​​the Bohemian Karst. During the year Karlštejn offers 3 guided tours, organizes a variety of cultural and social events, such as theaters, concerts, exhibitions and the like. We can not miss the traditional royal procession or the famous vintage.


Distance to the hotel: 300 m

Visit the Wax Museum in Karlštejn and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Start the tour with a 70 meter high kaleidoscope (imaginary sphere), continue to the part dedicated to Charles IV, visit Napoleon or Mother Teresa and end the tour with Smetana or Dvořák.


Distance to the hotel: 300 m

Do you like history and are you interested in the development of watchmaking? If so, come to the Clock Museum in Karlštejn, where you can find out how this industry has developed from the 16th century to today's modern times.


Distance to the hotel: 5 km

Great America is a limestone quarry in the village of Mořina in the district of Beroun in the Czech Republic in the Bohemian Karst Protected Landscape Area. It is the largest of a group of local quarries. The size of the quarry is about 750 × 150 meters. The depth of the quarry is usually in the range of 67 to 80 m. The quarry creates an impressive canyon and is a popular tourist destination. There is currently a car park at the eastern end of the quarry. Since about 2008, the yellow marked hiking trail No. 6161 has led along the northern edge of the quarry with several viewing platforms, which comes from Mořina to the eastern end of the quarry and continues to the Mexico quarry from the western end and around Karlštejn quarries towards Karlštejn.


Distance to the hotel: 10 km

The Koněprusy Caves are located inside the Zlatý kůň hill above the village of Koněprusy in the Bohemian Karst Protected Landscape Area. The Koněprusy Caves are the longest cave system in Bohemia. They are developed in three height levels with a leveling of more than 70 m. Their total length exceeds 2 km, the accessible route is about 620 m long and its tour lasts about 1 hour. The Koněprusy Caves are open from 1 April to 31 October.